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The Braishfield Village Association

The BVA was formed in 1974, it is an Association in the interest of all who live in the village and in the parish of Braishfield and the surrounding hamlets.
Please feel free to approach the BVA through any of its committee members on any matter you think may be of interest or concern.

The AGM is held in January when the committee is elected.

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The current officers and committee are:-

Chairman/Planning Ian Jeffery 367282
Secretary/Village Diary Jill Briggs 367874
Vice Chair/Treasurer Sheila Still 368384
BVA News Editor Wendy Dolby-Stevens 368119
BVA News Distributor Julie Kemp 368894
WebEditor Carolyn Ward 368852
Network Lorna Dolby-Stevens 367867
Committee Member Kevin Freemantle 07900 930401
Committee Member Margaret O'Keeffe 368037  
Consultant Lucas Marshall 07816 202743  

Objectives and Constitution of the Association as adopted at the AGM 2016

1. Membership
2. Subscriptions
3. Meetings
3.1 Annual General Meeting
3.2 Extra-Ordinary Meeting
3.3 Open Meeting
3.4 Committee Meetings
4. Constitution Change

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1. To provide an Information Service for residents
2. To support our village committees
3. To initiate, support and/or contribute to village events
4. To inform the residents of Braishfield of any proposed development or significant change in or around the village, and provide a forum through which the rate, scale and impact of such development or change may be adequately debated, and then take action or ensure that the views expressed are passed on clearly to the appropriate authorities
5. Monitor the effectiveness of village services and amenities and bring any shortfalls to the notice of the appropriate authorities, and where appropriate put in place or recommend improvements

The Information Service
The BVA will
1. Publish and distribute the Braishfield Village News (BVN) to all residents currently at 2 monthly intervals
2. Maintain and when required upgrade the BVA website
3. Update and publish the printed Residents Guide at ~2 yearly intervals
4. Update the web version of the Residents Guide as required
5. Manage the Braishfield Email Network
6. When advised of the arrival of a new resident, the BVA will provide the household with a welcome to Braishfield Residents Pack to include: latest copy of the Residents Guide, latest copy of the BVN, request form to join the network and a copy of the Village Design Statement


1. Membership

1.1. All residents of the Parish are members of the Braishfield Village Association and also, at the discretion of the committee, to those living outside the Parish boundary who look to Braishfield as their village centre.
1.2. All members over the age of sixteen have the right to vote in the affairs of the Association.
1.3. In the event of the Association being wound up any funds are to be passed to the Parish Council or its successor for its discretionary use for the benefit of the village.

2. Subscriptions *

2.1. Subscriptions will be levied at the discretion of the Committee. Annual subscriptions, if any, will be reviewed at each Annual General Meeting. There will be a reduced rate for those under sixteen years of age. The subscription rates agreed at the Annual General Meeting will apply for the subsequent year. Subscription rates will be published in the February copy of the Braishfield Village Association News.
2.2. Subscriptions, if levied, are due on the day following the Annual General Meeting.
2.3. New residents of the village will be provided with a Residents Pack and will be informed that they are members of the Association.
* There is currently no subscription to be a member of the Association or to receive the publications of the BVA however if you wish to make a donation please make a cheque payable to "Braishfield Village Association" and post to Sheila Still, Orchard View, Braishfield, SO51 0QB or complete a standing order mandate which is downloadable by clicking on the following: Standing Order Mandate. Many thanks from the BVA Committee

3. Meetings

3.1. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January.
The association members shall be notified in the Braishfield News and the village web site with at least three weeks notice of the date of the Annual General Meeting.
Submissions for inclusion in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting must be notified before the thirty first of December to the Honorary Secretary,
Nominations for inclusion on the voting papers should be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary and must be signed by the Proposer, Seconder and Nominee.
Voting papers for election to the Committee will show the names of known nominees, but nominees may be added from the floor at the Annual General Meeting, providing the Nominee is present.
The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of a maximum of nine members.
The working quorum of the Annual General Meeting shall be twenty five voting members, including Committee members and officers of the Association.

3.2. Extra-Ordinary Meetings

An Extra-Ordinary Meeting may be called at any time at the request of either twenty five voting members of the Association, or of the Committee, at seven days notice.
Members of the Association will be informed of the meeting by notices posted in the village and on the village web site.
The purpose of such meetings is to discuss matters of urgent importance to the village or in the running of the Association.

3.3. Open Meetings

An Open Meeting may be held at any time on the application of twenty five voting members of the Association.
Application should be made to the Honorary Secretary, and the Meeting shall be held within twenty eight days of the Committee meeting following the application.
Members of the Association will be informed of the meeting by notices posted in the village and on the village web site.
The purpose of such meetings is to invite outside speakers or to allow the discussion of topics of local interest.

3.4. Committee Meetings

The Committee shall elect the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor of the News and the WebEditor from among their number at the first Committee meeting to be held after the Annual General Meeting.
The Committee may co-opt an Honorary Secretary and/or a Treasurer should the required skills not be available among the elected members.
The Committee may co-opt a member following the resignation of an elected member for the period up to the next Annual General Meeting, or, in the exceptional circumstances, up to an Extra-Ordinary Meeting called for the purpose of election of Committee members. Such a circumstance will arise if four or more members of the Committee resign, following which it is required than an Extra-Ordinary Meeting be called to elect a number to the Committee equal to the number who have resigned.
The working quorum of the Association Committee shall be five elected members.
At least six Committee meetings shall be held each year.

4. Constitution Change

Any proposed alteration to the Constitution of the Association must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary by the thirty first of December prior to the Annual General Meeting, or at the time of application for an Extra-Ordinary Meeting.
Any change to the Constitution approved at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extra-Ordinary Meeting shall become immediately effective.

Whilst all effort is made as to the accuracy of the information within the web-site the Braishfield Village Association does not accept any responsibility for errors/omissions

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